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  • Transform.

  • Compute.

  • Perform.

Alacer is an agent of change, a stimulator of potential and a trusted resource for growing organizations. We help corporate leaders identify, create, develop and implement solutions that transform strategies into realities, and turn enigmatic problems into positive outcomes. » more about us

Big Data

Big data answers from Alacer.

Add efficiency, enhance revenue, increase customer satisfaction and seize competitive advantage. Using data science, Alacer can find trends, behaviors, competitive strengths and weaknesses for actionable results… read more →


Alacer approaches technology from the customer’s perspective.

The right data, properly analyzed, effectively guides investment, validates change, fuels growth and creates results. Alacer delivers critical expertise and specialized resources to meet business, budget and technical requirements…read more →

Health Care

Health care made healthier.

With breadth and depth across health care and the insurance sector, Alacer’s team helps build and improve member acquisition, back office services, patient care, health outcomes and business performance…read more →

Financial Services

Alacer’s best-in-class financial services team for banking, insurance.

Alacer senior consultants offer new perspectives, help resolve complex problems and uncover unseen opportunities with mastery of operations, technology, compliance and recovery…read more →