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Safely Sharing Data with Alacer Data Cloak


Sharing sensitive data is made possible when critical data can be sanitized, anonymized or removed. Alacer’s Data Cloak transforms sensitive data into a shareable public file and a private file. The private file stays with the data owner and can be re-integrated with the public file after analysis.

[PDF] Alacer - Safely sharing data with Alacer Data Cloak

Solving Financial Services Compliance Challenges with Lean Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma tools can be successfully used to help financial services organizations combat the challenges of increased regulatory requirements.

[PDF] Alacer-Compliance white paper

Lean Six Sigma Tackles a Bank’s Regulatory Requirements for SARs


Lean Six Sigma processes help a global financial institution eliminate its SARs backlog, improve productivity by 66% and cut cycle time in half.

[PDF] Alacer-Lean Six Sigma for SARs white paper.pdf

Using the Profitability Factor and Big Data to Combat Customer Churn


To combat mobile telco customer churn, Alacer used big data combined with a profitability index to help a Tier 1 carrier target its marketing efforts.

[PDF] Alacer-Telco Churn white paper.pdf

Design for Six Sigma Drives Increased Revenue for Financial Service Firms


Design for Six Sigma tools can significantly improve a financial organization’s processes, ranging from how to address a costly SARs backlog to revamping a mortgage approval process.

[PDF] Alacer-DFSS Financial Services white paper

Applying Lean Six Sigma in the Financial Services Risk Management Environment


Efficient management of the SAR 90-day follow up process streamlined using Lean Six Sigma to meet regulatory requirements

[PDF] Financial services risk management

Big Data 2013—A Year in Review


Summarizes a few interesting uses of big data analysis including Sasquatch sitings, Ford Motors, eHarmony and Lada Gaga.

[PDF] Alacer-Big Data 2013 white paper