Shhh…ACAC is Coming

It’s still under wraps…but we wanted to let you know that we’re putting the final touches on a new corporate initiative: the Alacer Center for Advanced Computing (ACAC).

The term “advanced computing” has many definitions, ranging from supercomputing to quantum analytics. For us, ACAC has three purposes: share, learn and accelerate. It will serve as a showcase for a technology platform that demonstrates the rapidly growing collaboration between Alacer and its partners in the development of big analytics solutions. It will serve as a repository of advanced learning and research in big data, and will be used to share and demonstrate with clients (potential and existing) and colleagues our capabilities in this expanding area of our practice.

ACAC will be led Aaron Hoffer, who recently joined the Alacer team as a senior consultant. Hoffer is a software and data analytics veteran specializing in the usage of big data to design and develop predictive analytics solutions. He comes to us from T-Mobile, where he served as a senior system architect with responsibilities ranging from the enterprise production catalog to the facilitation and integration of new systems and functionalities within the enterprise IT ecosystem.

Within ACAC, Hoffer will work to deliver game-changing solutions in the Internet of Things: how daily lives intersect with social engagement and electronics.

Watch for more information on the Alacer Center for Advanced Computing in the weeks to come.

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