Alacer’s Velocity FinCrime Solutions Suite now features Vital4’s Data to Protect Against Financial Crime Risk

The Alacer Group, a business consulting company specializing in the financial services and technology industries, has entered a partnership with Vital4, a global leader in AI driven AML data and technology solutions, to enhance their Velocity FinCrime Solutions Suite – a powerful all-inclusive solution for all things FinCrime. The Velocity FinCrime Solutions Suite helps financial institutions prevent and detect Fraud and comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), and FATCA regulations and now with the addition of Vital4’s originally sourced Adverse Media and PEP data, businesses will be fully enabled to identify individuals and entities who pose a financial crime risk.
“Quality data is crucial for any analysis – especially in the world of AML. Vital4’s high quality and comprehensive data set will not only help Alacer’s Velocity FinCrime Solutions Suite identify potential bad actors but enhance our ability to provide a complete and accurate view for our clients,” said Richard Paxton, Chief Executive Officer, CEO of The Alacer Group.
Vital4’s CEO, Kristin Stafford says “We are thrilled about the partnership with The Alacer Group. Alacer’s Velocity FinCrime Solutions Suite aligns with our fully automated and comprehensive data collection for AML/KYC compliance.”

About Velocity
Alacer’s Velocity FinCrime Solutions Suite is a powerful and scalable set of modules designed specifically for financial institutions to comply with AML (anti-money laundering), BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), and FATCA regulations with ease and simplicity. The solution is built using AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and Big Data capabilities, which help to reduce risk and improve efficiency.
Velocity is designed to meet international regulatory compliance accurately and consistently. Each module is highly scalable and offers seamless integration, which helps management to improve efficiency and productivity.

About The Alacer Group
Founded in 2009, The Alacer Group is a business and IT consulting firm providing a comprehensive suite of products and services for financial institutions world-wide. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA., Alacer works with clients to increase their quality and productivity of operations, reduce risk, and achieve compliance.
The Alacer Group is a trusted resource for Fortune 1000 companies and growing organizations. With the application of the right mix of people, process, and technology, Alacer helps to improve efficiency and deliver results – fast.

About VITAL4
VITAL4 provides global screening solutions to help organizations maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate third-party risk. As a cloud software platform made fast and powerful by proprietary machine learning technology, VITAL4 was developed to bring the agility of SaaS services to enterprise compliance regimes and eliminate slow update cycles, shallow source pools and the human-error risks of manual legacy processes.

VITAL4 was built with four fundamental concepts in mind: compliance, accuracy, global insight and value.

Velocity Contact:
Tom Pirro
Global Head of Sales
Phone: 678-951-6346

VITAL4 Contact:
Suzanne Durden, Director of Marketing

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