AML Staffing Gets Scientific


Staffing tops the list of challenges for most BSA Officers, and becomes even more complicated when the AML Operation cannot keep up with the demands and expectations of Senior Management and the Regulators. Staffing models help to minimize uncertainty, giving managers the information they need to make staffing decision with greater confidence and convince HR and other stakeholders that the level of staffing requested is based upon quantitative data…not gut feel.


A national bank was transforming its AML operation and required additional staff to meet its regulatory and policy obligations. Senior Management ran into road blocks when they requested additional headcount and needed a way to substantiate their case. The bank engaged Alacer to perform a quantitative analysis and provide an independent view on staffing requirements.


Alacer’s Senior Consultants assessed the new processes which were being added in the AML department and existing processes along with historical volumes and productivity data. Alacer developed a quantitative staffing model which modeled staffing requirements by process and then performed a gap assessment to identify the areas of greatest need. The model was flexible enough to perform ‘what if’ analysis to proactively identify staffing requirements to manage core growth, special projects and acquisition scenarios. Alacer assisted Senior Management with creating and presenting the business case to top executives. The staffing request was approved per the model and the AML Operation is now adequately staffed.