Custom Fraud Prevention in Eight Weeks


A major online retailer needed to replace its fraud management software in time for the peak shopping season. The existing system lacked the sophistication that current solutions provided. There was additional worry of being unable to keep pace with the peak Q4 website traffic. After careful evaluation, the company selected Alacer to implement a custom installation of Accertify’s software within eight weeks.


Alacer’s team evaluated the current workflow and determined the best solution to manage the traffic flow. The team determined how to automate order processing to simultaneously process requests. In order to efficiently allow for human processing and automated work flows, the system needed to integrate with both the payment processor but also the inventory management solutions.


Fraud loss numbers decreased dramatically—so much so the client does not wish to share the exact percentage because they consider it a competitive advantage. The retailer was able to process record setting Q4 traffic with greatly increased sophistication and efficiency. Fraud agents were able to evaluate suspect orders quicker, and required fewer time-consuming direct contacts with banks and card issuers.