Email Delivered, Come Rain or Shine


One of the world’s leading free email services with over 400 million users needed to maintain a competitive edge by identifying and controlling the areas contributing to delayed response time.
With new competitors entering the market, it was vital for the company to meet or exceed user (and advertiser) demands for rapid and rock-solid email service. To achieve this goal, Alacer joined forces with an internal task team to identify data center issues and to implement a measurement program that would track service response time. New benchmarks and performance goals were developed and put in place to stay ahead of competing email service providers.


In order to deliver a world-class user experience, an email provider must deliver speed and reliability. The client had a data center in place that offered users unlimited storage and solid security; in short, it offered the necessary storage and retrieval functionality, but it required improvements in delivery and availability. The engineers needed a way to reduce or eliminate network latency to slow or stop advertising revenue leakage and speed up a user’s email response rate. Finally, Alacer proposed a measurement system to enable the provider to secure its position as an organized, speedy and user-friendly service.


By identifying storage and retrieval improvements, the Alacer team created a faster and more efficient email system. With speed increased nearly 30 percent, advertising revenue increased correspondingly. Alacer not only implemented new metrics for the data center, it instituted quality and measurement levels for the extended delivery network, since delivery relied on vendor performance. These tools now provide data that enables the client to self-regulate and stay on top of the game.