Improving Economic Opportunities for Women in Mexico


International government relations and services demand a unique competence, born of work in multicultural settings, on truly strategic initiatives, set against a back-drop of complex and entwined laws, for a multitude of constituencies. Alacer’s government services team has worked with governments and their partners on six continents on economic development, trade, infrastructure, and education issues impacting billions of dollars and billions of people.


Female consumers and entrepreneurs are responsible for nearly 66% of economic impact in developed economies. To encourage and expand female entrepreneurism and prosperity in Mexico, the federal government invited Alacer, along with several key partners to expand female economic participation and financial success.

Of primary importance was building awareness around the impact of and mechanisms for economic engagement available to Mexico’s roughly 55 million female citizens. This national initiative entailed cooperative efforts between international experts, academicians, and diplomats. After months of extensive economic and business impact analysis, Alacer prepared an educational awareness offering for local and state officials, business leaders, female advocacy agencies, and academic leaders at a national symposium.

With thought-leader awareness accomplished, the second phase entailed working with female business owners to redesign operations for rapid expansion of local and international markets. Sessions with government officials offered advice and design to simplify and streamline business permitting and assistance.


Alacer’s team worked cooperatively with government and agencies to educate citizenry on complex topics, and then lend direct and immediate implementation guidance. While mixed provider results are difficult to quantify, the first-year impact of the program for female entrepreneurs was reported to exceed $13 billion, with housewares, luxury goods and personal services experiencing a particularly notable lift. Of note, the Alacer contribution was so successful and so well received, the team was invited to return and participate in the ongoing program symposium.