Introducing a Faster Mortgage Lending Platform to Japan


A number of factors influence the credit decisions made by lending institutions – there are no absolutes. An American technology vendor proved it could utilize its automated bank lending platform to apply a bank’s credit rules more consistently and quickly than employees, opening the door for a global market for its product. Although it did not know the Japanese banking regulations and credit processes, the company wanted to quickly take its product to market there within 90 days. It turned to Alacer consultants for help in gathering requirements, working with system architects and securing a suitable go-to-market partner.


In Japan, the credit decision process is varied and highly proprietary, and business partnerships are based on trust developed over many years. Our consultants needed to not only navigate this diverse banking landscape to analyze lending statistics; they needed to gain the trust of Japanese credit lending executives in a short window of time. Within 90 days, our team met with over 70% of Japan’s banking system executives, industrial associations, regulators, analysts and specialized academics in an attempt to design appropriate processes and to determine what sort of lead institution would result in the greatest follow-on success.


Based on its evaluation of Japan’s existing credit decision process and technology infrastructure, Alacer consultants designed a more compatible version of the U.S.-based automated lending platform, revising its database, interface and decision engine. The team identified and secured a leading Japanese bank as the go-to-market partner for its client and prepared both teams for post-agreement operations. Documentation and handoff were completed in 100 days at a cost of $100,000, preparing the client for over $50 million in Japanese sales within five years.