Network Penetration Test: Protecting a Financial Firm’s Future


Alacer Group was approached by an international finance and development firm to identify and break into high-value, strategic business systems via remote access to simulate a malicious intrusion attempt using a network penetration test.


We performed benign “white hat” remote penetration testing and compromised several systems, including taking control of servers hosting personal information from clients and employees that would have cost the organization over $500,000 for breach notification mailings alone. We also compromised a database containing strategic information on the organization’s financial assets.


We demonstrated conclusively that unless they undertook defensive mitigation, the firm would be exposed to severe risk and injury to its operations, reputation and financial viability. We delivered written and oral reports to help the client thoroughly understand the methodology and implications of the network penetration test, and collaborated with the client’s staff to develop immediate steps to mitigate the vulnerabilities reported and to develop an incident response plan to identify and mitigate malicious intrusion in the future.