Smarter Marketing through Data Intelligence


Corporate marketing executives are scrambling to understand how to leverage the huge amounts of data delivered through multiple information streams so that they can create more targeted product marketing campaigns. Greater audience impact translates to increased ROI, revenue and business market share. The Alacer Group was asked to design and implement a business intelligence system that compressed voluminous data into reliable, high quality and actionable information that could be used to help the organization better respond to rapidly changing business needs and models. By getting the right information into the hands of potential and existing customers, the company could best build market share and maximize its revenues.


Alacer recommended creating and implementing reliable, scalable Decision Support Systems that would give the organization needed visibility into its various phases of marketing cycles. Due to the company’s many data sources, the first challenge was to design a seamless business data platform that integrated information from all critical business units; this entailed extensive data cleaning, de-duping and the creation of data validation processes. Secondly, Alacer simplified the business processes themselves (i.e., workflow analysis, report creation and dash boarding) to reduce user input time and increase productivity.


The Alacer-designed DSS delivered actionable information on all of the company’s corporate marketing cycles and phases. Within the first year of deployment, the DSS provided high availability with 98% up time, increased the number users that could access the system simultaneously by 50%, decreased the manpower time needed for report generation by 30% weekly, and increased the efficiency of report creation and work flow by 10%.