The tools and technology to turn data into results

Developing technology solutions, strategies, and processes for today’s most pressing business issues are Alacer’s core strengths. By combining state-of-the-art data analysis tools and scalable architecture designs, the Alacer team provides substantial savings and improved efficiencies.

eCommerce Services & Expertise

  • Our clients are flooded with data now and need to put it to use. We bring the right tools, training, and process to turn mountains of data into usable insights for more effective analysis.

    • Fraud detection at scale
    • Real-time customer insights
    • Merging siloed data sets
    • Statistical modeling
    • Loyalty program optimization

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  • Marketers are increasingly pressed to show ROI on every marketing decision. Your competitors are getting smarter and your customers are speaking every time they interact with you online. We help our clients apply battle-tested techniques that constantly evolve with new big data capabilities.

    • Churn reduction
    • Customer experience (online review mining)
    • Interactive videos

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  • Proprietary data cloak technology developed by Alacer helps our clients overcome persistent inefficiencies and weak points in their data security.

    • Easily and safely sanitize sensitive documents
    • Segment sensitive/public content and easily re-merge later on
    • Share customer data without risk of PII data breach

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