Data Security

Alacer takes the security of our clients’ data assets very seriously, and we have invested heavily in developing tools and processes that ensure data security throughout our projects and beyond.

Alacer works with leading brands across the eCommerce and Technology sectors. Our experienced experts help companies improve their understanding of customer needs, develop new product features, reduce fraud, and streamline their operations. We make sure your technology is scalable, stable, and safe.

The Alacer Approach to Data Security

  • Policy and procedure development to meet regulatory requirements such as Service Organization Control (SOC) 2
  • Data cloaking technology to facilitate secure sharing of sensitive data across organizational boundaries
  • Patented authentication technology thwarting man-in-the-middle attacks for securing digital content and physical assets (building access and ATMs)


Alacer personnel are not junior associates or freshly minted graduates. Each team member is both academically and professionally accomplished, often with decades of software engineering and practical data analytics experience.

Practice Leaders