Smart Marketing

Alacer helps marketers unlock the marketing potential of big (and not-so-big) data. We work with leading brands across the eCommerce and Technology sectors. Our experienced experts help companies improve their understanding of customer needs, develop new product features, reduce fraud, and streamline their operations. We make sure your technology is scalable, stable, and safe.

How Alacer Can Make Your Marketing Smarter

  • Running designed experiments to understand customer sentiment and the impact on product and service delivery in retail stores and online
  • Re-imagining the Internet of Things (IoT) for the home and enabling new business models for product manufacturers to engage customers at the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)
  • Harvesting vast amounts of unstructured customer reviews to measure customer sentiment for products, informing strategic product offerings
  • Re-inventing online shopping through video by embedding an interactive shopping cart experience boosting conversion rates


Alacer personnel are not junior associates or freshly minted graduates. Each team member is both academically and professionally accomplished, often with decades of software engineering and practical data analytics experience.

Practice Leaders