Alacer is an elite network of experienced consultants and practitioners with deep experience in financial services, healthcare, technology, and government. We provide consulting services, technology solutions, and managed staffing. We are an agent of change and a trusted resource for Fortune 500 companies and growing organizations alike. If you have a mission-critical challenge, we have the experience, integrity, and intelligence to get you better results faster.
  • AML, Sanctions, and Financial Crimes Risk Advisory

    Alacer has a proven track record working with domestic and foreign clients to design, build, enhance, and implement effective compliance risk management programs and AML processes. We help our clients achieve full conformance to 25 internal and external standards through a full range of AML and sanctions compliance services.

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  • Process Design, Reengineering, and Optimization

    At Alacer, we take a lean, customer-centric approach to design, focusing on streamlining value-added activities. Depending upon the target environment, we can further enable the business process with advanced workflow technologies, imaging, and OCR to create high-speed process flows, without rework or delays

  • Advanced Analytics and Data Science

    Today’s enterprises generate mountains of data, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity to discover vital business insights. Alacer harnesses the power of data science for real-time, real-money decisions, providing our clients with a competitive advantage and a strong foundation for growth and risk avoidance.

  • Staffing and Human Resources

    We enable our clients to rapidly setup and staff mission-critical teams across the industries we work in. Our network of consultants is comprised of industry veterans who can step in and ramp up in days, not months.

Proprietary Technology & Solutions

Our deep experience in the industries we serve has made us intimately aware of the pain points and inefficiencies our clients face. In cases where we can’t source a viable solution, we’re not shy about building our own platforms and products.

Whether we’re helping save lives by reducing alarm fatigue in hospitals or using big data analysis to improve AML investigations, our innovations are built to solve real problems and provide unique value to the clients we serve.