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The Alacer Approach

At Alacer, we take a lean, customer-centric approach to design, focusing on streamlining value-added activities. Depending upon the target environment, we can further enable the business process with advanced workflow technologies to create high-speed process flows, without rework or delays resulting in the following:

Increased value for the customer

Reduced unit cost

Reduced overall lead time

Increased process controls

Optimized resource utilization


Alacer utilizes the Hoshin Kanri process coupled with a management-by-fact approach for developing strategies, metrics, and initiatives to turn corporate goals into realities. With top-level strategies established, level II and III plans are developed together with balanced scorecards to ensure alignment and maintain focus on the critical few.


Applied as part of building a continuous improvement portfolio or as a standalone independent review, Alacer’s standard assessment may include but is not limited to analysis of the following:

  • Portfolio (base and initiative)
  • Organization (job family, span of control, structure)
  • Performance (metric alignment, gap to goal, across and within business)
  • Technology (usage, availability, capability, structure, vendor contracts, non-supported, redundant)
Our assessment approach can be tailored to your individual needs and applied within a single business unit or across the organization, as a standalone assignment or as part of building a continuous improvement portfolio.

Project Delivery

Many organizations struggle to carve out the time to implement improvements and balance day-to-day responsibilities with the need to deliver improved performance. Alacer is here to help. From implementing improvements identified through one of our assessments to partnering with you to deliver critical strategic imperatives, our team of process improvement experts can lead or provide support to ensure that identified improvements are implemented and business value is achieved.

Program Management

Our team of experts can lead or support large-scale program deployments ranging from integration and consolidations to complex organizational change efforts. In addition to applying proven project management rigor, we bring a structured governance model that ensures key stakeholders stay informed in real-time and changes are introduced at or above customer expectations. All of our program managers are former senior leaders from across industry and have led major change or managed large cross-functional teams.

Project Management

Delivering high-impact projects begins with having the right people. Our proven team of senior project managers can deliver initiatives from concept through production, are PMP certified, and maintain a level of professionalism that enables seamless communication at all organizational levels. In addition to PMP certification, many of our project managers hold certifications in continuous improvement methodologies including Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma

The strength of a continuous improvement program defines how an organization embraces change. Is it engrained deeply into the culture or just another wishlist item? Whether you are considering launching a new program, or need to reenergize or reinvent one that has become overly bureaucratic or bloated—Alacer’s experts can help. Our Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma leaders and practitioners have designed and implemented small and large scale new and existing programs—no matter how fragmented or stale they have become. We provide a unique combination of Six Sigma expertise along with strong and deep domain expertise.

Our Process Design and Optimization team has worked with financial institutions around the globe, big and small, to deliver the ‘right’ solution. From basic blocking and tackling to implementing advanced workflow systems, the Alacer team will deliver above and beyond expectations.

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