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Experience That Makes a Difference

We work with our clients to help plan, organize, design, and develop infrastructures to support governance, risk, and compliance structures. This includes reporting templates, control frameworks, responding to situations of noncompliance, and improvement of the processes regarding operational effectiveness and information systems.

Our team is comprised of former regulator(s) and industry specialists with expertise in risk management areas such as compliance, fraud, audit and internal controls, technology, process improvement and model review and validation.

Process-Driven Technology

Our goal is to ensure compliance while eliminating waste—wasted time, wasted resources, wasted money. While every institution has unique processes, we pride ourselves on customizing our process to your needs. Our Lean Kaizen approach and Six Sigma expertise enables streamlined procedures and added efficiency for bottom-line results.

Efficient systems rely on process-driven technology. Our custom system solutions mirror AML processes, focusing the power of big data technologies and advanced analytics to identify, investigate, and combat money laundering and fraud with integrated solutions. Whether it’s assessing and revamping internal Know Your Customer procedures or using big data to help financial institutions transform their AML operations, the Alacer team has the tools and knowledge to successfully complete projects, on time and on budget.

  • Regulatory risk management
  • Operational risk management
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Financial investigations
  • Fraud risk management
  • Compliance
  • Audit and internal controls
  • Program Development, Implementation, or Enhancement
    • Development of risk assessments
    • Performance of risk and control GAP assessment
    • AML metrics and reporting design
    • Acquisition due diligence and risk assessment
    • Customer risk assessment model design and review
    • Customer risk rating and risk factor review
    • Training, policy & procedure development
    • AML technology solutions (monitoring software / case management tools)
  • AML Program Examination, Testing, and Remediation
    • Regulatory enforcement and legal order remediation
    • Independent audit and testing
    • Offshore bank AML reviews for U.S. counterparties
    • Examination management
    • Examination response
    • Issues tracking and enforcement action remediation
    • Fraud risk assessment
    • Design and implementation of comprehensive risk management programs
  • Program Component Enhancement
    • Trade-based AML review
    • Offshore subsidiary KYC file review
    • OFAC program review
    • Account opening and renewal process design and standards
    • Review procedures and templates
    • RFI process design, procedures, metrics, and reporting
    • QC and compliance testing program design and review
    • SAR workflow, quality, and data analysis
    • Policies and procedures development / implementation / review
    • Design and delivery of training programs for management, and employee file
Our reputation is built on the intelligence, integrity, and capability of our team of industry experts. Alacer delivers effective solutions to meet your needs with global-quality standards of excellence. Alacer helps business leaders accelerate performance, increase quality, maximize productivity, and optimize profitability. Drawing on our vast C-level experience, we form real-world solutions that identify, create, develop, and implement opportunities for success. We don’t waste time on theoretical exercises—instead, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Alacer’s team members are at the top of their respective fields. We’ve worked with global banks, governments, and regulatory agencies to identify risk, fraud, and operational weaknesses. Alacer-driven initiatives save clients millions of dollars, mitigate reputational risk, and streamline operations to reduce operational risk and the cost of compliance.
The Alacer Team’s Specialized AML Experience

Counseled governments on regulations, guidelines, investigations, and reporting of money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud.


Advised senior compliance and AML staff on regulatory and AML operations matters


Served as BSA/AML Examiner-In-Charge and Senior Risk Specialist in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Developed and customized case management and KYC system solutions


Investigated multibillion dollar money laundering schemes


Deployed and managed Transaction Monitoring and KYC remediation teams

The Alacer Approach

Internal Operating Environment

Board and senior management oversight (i.e., tone at the top)

Board and senior management risk appetite

Relationship with regulators

Risk management and control functions (three lines of defense)

Governance and Oversight Structure

Board and senior management committee structures and effectiveness

Policies and procedures

Role, responsibilities, organizational structure, and independence

Accuracy, adequacy, and completeness of reporting to support governance and oversight

Risk Management

Risk control and mitigation strategies

Risk identification, measurement, monitoring, and reporting (including capital adequacy [CCAR] and stress testing)

Control Functions, (Audit, Compliance Monitoring and Testing, and Model Validation)

Risk assessment

Planning, scoping, and reporting

Issue management (identification, prioritization and timely resolution)

Resource allocation

Independence and objectivity

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