Staff Augmentation & Human Resource Management

The Alacer Group offers highly skilled individuals to support your organization’s needs during times of high growth, peak workload, or specialized short or long term assignment. We provide on- and off-site services depending on your particular need.

Alacer Services & Expertise

Our global staff of industry experts are ready to deploy when and where they are needed. We recruit, screen, assess, hire, and manage employees and contractors through a seamless transition and approach. At Alacer, we are dedicated to delivering quality services and solutions that are aligned with your organization’s mission and goals.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to the following:

Financial Crimes

  • AML investigations
  • FCB research and investigations
  • OFAC sanctions investigations
  • High risk investigations
  • Terrorist financing / organized crime investigations
  • Forensic accounting
  • Compliance analyst
  • SAR Filing analyst

Data Analysis

  • Data scientist / engineer
  • Big data architect
  • Big data software developer

Help Desk

  • All support roles including management and first, second, and third-level escalation

Human Resources Services

In addition to proving staff augmentation services, Alacer is committed to working with your organization to provide a wide-range of recruiting and interviewing for hiring of new staff or converting outsourced staff to direct. We work directly with hiring managers to understand your specific needs and provide only highly qualified individuals that can be onboard quickly and add value for your organization.


Our team of staffing professionals are former Human Resource Executives that have built high-performing teams for several well-known Fortune 500 companies and are vested in your success. They are highly educated experts with advanced degrees in organizational management and business.

Practice Leaders