Technology Solution Development & Implementation

We help organizations large and small, develop, deliver, and implement high-impact solutions to increase efficiencies and create competitive advantage. Our practice leaders, together with our extensive consulting team, bring years of expertise in business and technology to put at your disposal.

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology

At Alacer, we believe that the ability to deliver quality products and services depends on the quality and effectiveness of your processes—both from a workflow and technology perspective. Our approach to assessing IT’s operational efficiency keeps this at the forefront at all times. Simplicity is key. By taking a top-down approach, we can identify which technologies are adding value and which are simply complicating the environment. Further, we can determine what is needed to meet the needs of your customers today and in the future. This approach, coupled with our deep industry knowledge of robust technology infrastructure design, allows us to provide you with industry-leading recommendations and solutions.

We help clients make the right up-front technology choices for the chosen strategy and then deliver bold and agile execution.

Alacer Tenets of Technology Management

Whether we are laying the foundation for new IT projects or revamping an existing enterprise IT investment, we draw inspiration from the same set of technology management tenets.

1) Embrace technology that brings the customer closer to their objective. Too many projects start without a clear customer-aligned business goal. IT leaders must clearly understand the changing business environment and provide solutions that translate those requirements into better solutions.

2) Data precedes every decision. At the heart of Alacer is a data-driven culture of doing business. Technology investments are no different from other investments. Clear success metrics set at the outset are critical to reaching the right outcomes.

3) Formulate a technology strategy that assumes change. Changing IT demands are a fact of life. Across enterprises worldwide, IT users are changing the way they consume technology from in-house managed solutions to largely Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Successful IT strategies include service delivery architectures that can flex with changes in service demand.

Services & Expertise

Our work covers the full technology spectrum, from developing custom solutions, to enhancing existing technologies, to delivering third-party solutions and providing full integration services

Customer-Aligned Technologies

  • Customer-driven performance management
  • Cloud evaluation and on-boarding
  • Big data analytics
  • Social media data mining
  • System integration
  • Enterprise solutions and resource planning
  • Information management services
  • Custom software solutions
  • Mobility solutions

Foundational IT Services

  • Assessment and opportunity identification
  • Strategy and transformation
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Infrastructure consulting
  • Security consulting
  • Application portfolio optimization
  • Digital and imaging solutions


Our staff brings real-world experience and a diverse portfolio of certifications spanning ITIL and the most critical areas of engineering large-scale IT systems at the highest levels of service quality. Our industry-recognized experts have delivered multiple high-impact solutions for several Fortune 500 organizations.

Practice Leaders