Technology Solution Development & Implementation

Alacer’s government services team has the extreme IT and operations expertise to deliver connected constituency, information security, and data management. We have worked with regional, state, national, and international bodies. Work includes advisory and program lead roles impacting from thousands to the billions of dollars for NGOs, government agencies, regulated vendors, and the military.

Specialized Experience in Technology Solution Development and Implementation for Government Agencies and NGOs

  • Guided system integration projects among numerous vendors servicing a large government health plan provider, creating a go-forward deployment, UXP, and UAT strategy for future system integrations.
  • Assisting one of the larger private health plan providers of entitled benefits, Alacer personnel created a server-delivered strategy to create a two-year bridge/window for a red-ring mainframe architecture redeployment. The work created a concurrent cut-over path that preserved member experience, regulatory servicing requirements and saved nearly $4million in avoided vendor expenditure for hastened design and deploy.


Alacer consultants are deeply experienced professionals at the peaks of their careers. Our consultants have graduate credentials, advanced certifications, and no fewer than 10 years of experience in their practice areas, many with 20 years or more.

Practice Leaders