Building profits is just the beginning

Improving compliance, increasing efficiency, optimizing occupancy rates, and reducing downtime are just a few of the many transformations you can achieve with Alacer’s strategic research and guidance.

Healthcare Services & Expertise

    • Lean operations re-design for outcomes and compliance
    • Patient flow: Arrival to admit
    • Patient flow: Bed assignment to discharge
    • Patient flow:  Door to door
    • Emergency department:  Door to doc
    • Emergency department: Patient flow
    • Ambulatory clinic stand-up
    • Physician partner and supplier integration

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    • Program design
    • Quality culture
    • Program examination, testing, remediation

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    • Policy and procedure development / implementation / review
    • Performance assessment: 3-in-1
    • Top-down accountability assessment
    • Leadership training for clinicians
    • Leadership training for non-clinicians

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    • System design and implementation
    • IT deployment and program management
    • System enhancement and optimization
    • Telemedicine
    • E.H.R. and online communities of practice

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    • Financial health assessment
    • Customers not patients: HCAHPS, revenue
    • Delighters and incremental revenues
    • Supply chain and vendor
    • Medical tourism
    • Meeting the IHI Triple Aim

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