Finance, Marketing & Revenue

Alacer makes a tangible impact on the business operations elements of our healthcare clients. Our Healthcare team has helped numerous hospitals, clinics, healthcare systems, and health insurers generate millions in savings and create new revenue streams.

Specialized Experience in Business Operations for Healthcare Organizations

  • Employed to lead internal audits and financial “get real” modeling for a small, unaffiliated system seeking to remain independent. Results created $7 million in savings within the first year, erasing a $2 million deficit and returning the system positive cash flow.
  • Alacer has led the way for its clients in moving from patient to customer including hospital = hospitality initiatives for numerous acute care sites resulting in both incremental revenue and improved HCAHPS scores.
  • Because of the unique background among our consultants in consumer products/services and healthcare, Alacer is one of the few firms in the nation that has been engaged to create destination healthcare services and promote in-nation medical tourism options for its clients.
  • Team Alacer has designed and led the remodel of numerous single-service lines throughout the United States to address elements of the IHI’s triple and quadruple aim around community health, including the often-neglected focus on families and cost-control platform portions.


Alacer personnel are not junior associates or freshly minted-graduates. Each team member is both academically and professionally accomplished with decades of healthcare experience and its ancillary industries.

Practice Leaders