Alacer Renaissance for Healthcare: Using Big Data to Reduce Alarm Fatigue

At Alacer, we believe big data analysis should result in significant yet understandable results. Exploratory analysis is often overlooked when working with big data because the data sets are messy, sensitive, and—as the label implies—too large to be easily approached. Renaissance is a simple-to-install, web-based viewing platform that allows an analyst to quickly and visually explore big data using natural subsets.

If you work in healthcare, you know how many data points are generated by every patient interaction and every transaction you process. You also know that Too Much Information (TMI) can be the enemy of efficiency and effective care. What you need is a way to quickly get at the trends and key insights in that data.

Alarm fatigue plagues the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff with inefficiency and ultimately results in alarms that are ignored. Renaissance helps by providing patient-based thresholds that minimize false positives and lays the groundwork for predictive alarm management.

Big data analysis should result in significant yet understandable results.

Renaissance is an interactive, web-based viewing platform that allows users to quickly scan, filter, or sort through features of the data, focus on relevant questions, and understand smaller components of the data. Individual users can quickly create and save dashboard views that tell a story.

Alacer simplifies big data analysis.

Our team of experienced data scientists takes the time to understand your data and how it relates to your business, so they can customize analyses to your needs. Our team conducts cutting-edge analysis and presents the results back to you in Renaissance—your custom, visual dashboard for big data insights.

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