Alacer’s AML Dashboard: Your Enterprise View of AML Operational Status

You can’t manage if you can’t measure.

BSA/AML has been and continues to be a focus of regulatory and enforcement activities. Just having a documented AML program and systems are not enough – financial institutions also must prove that their programs are operating effectively and efficiently.

Alacer’s AML Dashboard aggregates all key metrics from the various AML activities. This “bird’s eye view” helps bank management and compliance officers define appropriate metrics and monitor their entire BSA/AML program. It provides an integrated, interactive view into the status of the key functional areas of your AML Program to ensure the organization is in compliance with all relevant BSA/AML requirements.

The intuitive interface and clear visualizations also help organizations showcase the effective management of their AML program to regulatory bodies and senior management.

AML Dashboard from Alacer: Key Features
  • Ability to define key metrics and measures/key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Dashboard view of the functional areas operational status (e.g. Transaction Monitoring, FIU, KYC/CDD, QA, Training etc.)
  • Ability to easily capture and collate the metrics from various functional areas
  • Interactive trend charts and graphs to visualize
  • Shows any corrective actions being taken
  • Ability to manage metrics (add, update, change) and users
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