Alacer’s Insight Extractor Technology Provides Highly Accurate Addresses

Cut false positive alerts by more than 40%

Alacer’s Insight Extractor is used in the financial industry to automatically identify addresses and other location-based information from wire transfers in order to determine the country of origin and/or destination of the transfer.

Wire processors need to know with whom they do business, especially if any of the individuals or institutions are located in places where fraud is common or in countries that are under sanctions.

Insight Extractor provides that important information by instantly analyzing free-form data and providing the relevant address information to the processor.

Insight Extractor from Alacer: Key Benefits

Fewer Alerts: Insight Extractor reduces the number of spurious alerts that investigators must consider.

Reduced Exposure: Automated identification of transactions with high-risk countries.

Simple to Install and Use: The application requires zero training to use and can be easily scaled up or down.


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