Data Recon from Alacer: Improving data integrity and assurance

Poor quality data can be more dangerous than no data at all.

Regulators and auditors are increasingly focusing on data quality and integrity. Poor quality data produces false or inaccurate reports that can lead to critical performance indicators being overlooked.

Alacer’s Data Recon system creates a variance dashboard by comparing source data to the target system data and flagging any potential issues for a compliance review.

The Data Recon system quickly gathers and analyzes data from disparate sources and creates alerts if there are any mismatches, and it can drill down to the level of a single transaction.

Integrated workflow ensures actions are taken and logged along with reconciliation tasks for full transparency and accountability.

Data Recon from Alacer: Key Benefits
  • Ensures transaction monitoring system has required data quality
  • Showcases to regulators and audit proof of data quality
  • Easy integration with any upstream and target AML and Transaction systems – e.g. KYC/CDD Customer Data, Vendor/Employee data, GL Systems, SWIFT/Wires/Checks transactions
  • Integrated workflow, role based access,  and audit trails
  • Web based  and easy to use
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