Share in Safety with Alacer Data Cloak for Healthcare

In today’s healthcare industry, there is immense pressure to protect sensitive patient and hospital data, but there is also a growing need to share data and collaborate in the interest of better patient care and better organizational performance. The competing needs to share and protect data make healthcare organizations vulnerable to risk and require considerable duplication of work when handling sensitive information.

The average analyst does not have the tools or experience to sanitize data. We have seen clients mitigate the problem by either never sharing data or sharing data after signing NDAs—neither of which is optimal.

Alacer Data Cloak is a browser-based application that enables users to quickly and easily transform a document containing sensitive data into a public (safe to share) file and a private file that stays with the data owner. The private file can then be used to re-integrate (uncloak) analysis provided by an outside party.

Brower-based: The Data Cloak runs entirely in a browser. There is no need to install or start an executable, and the application can run transparently on different operating systems (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux).

Comma-separated value files: The Data Cloak operates on comma separated value (CSV) files. All spreadsheet applications can save their output as CSV files, and CSV data can easily be imported from one file to another, even from different platforms.

Simplified user experience: The Data Cloak scans an input file and presents the user with a simple list of choices for each attribute in the data. Almost no training or technical ability is required.

Local processing: No data, not even sanitized data, are transmitted to another computer. The output is generated and saved to the user’s local storage files. The sanitized public file can then be safely emailed to the intended recipient.

Random generation: Sanitized values are randomly generated. The sensitive data are not used as part of the sanitizing process. There is no way to divine the original data from their sanitized replacement values.

Global substitution: Sensitive values are always replaced by the same cloaked value to preserve relationships between entities.

Uncloak application: A second browser-based application, Alacer Data Uncloak, recombines the public and private files to uncloak or restore the data.

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