Velocity ICMR – Integrated Case Management & Reporting

Financial institutions have the ever-challenging task of fighting money laundering and financial crimes under ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny, with criminals always trying to be one step ahead, resource limitations, and data quality issues rendering operational processes a constant challenge, coupled with not having good insights into productivity metrics and program effectiveness. The Velocity Integrated Case Management & Reporting (ICMR) system combines smart technical capabilities in a user-friendly interface to centralize all alerts and case workflows in one place – making it easier to create, investigate, review/approve, and decision in an efficient, accurate, and consistent manner.

  • Alerts are automatically ingested from other Velocity modules
  • Can manually create cases or ingest from any other sources
  • Configurable roles and workflows and easy-to-use workbenches
  • Specific case workflows scaled to types of investigation – e.g., sanctions, EDD, entity resolution/data quality issues, transaction monitoring, FATCA, fraud, etc.
  • Holistic customer/entity view to avoid efforts duplication and enable customer/entity risk management
  • Workflow management with full audit trails and status
  • Built-in visual analytics powered by big data and machine learning
  • Built-in RFI features and status tracking, along with email integration
  • Smart productivity tracker and user dashboards to ensure focus on productivity
  • Useful out-of-box reports and dashboards with interactive charts/graphs and ad hoc query capabilities
  • Integrates with AML dashboard for enterprise “bird’s-eye” view for executive reporting
  • Fully integrated SAR filing and transmissions to regulatory bodies