Richard Paxton

Senior Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer

As a founding partner and the firm’s CEO, Richard focuses exclusively on finding new and better ways to help Alacer’s clients improve processes, increase profitability, and redefine customer satisfaction. He is the practice principal for Financial Services, where he brings over 20 years of experience working with leading national and international institutions. He has led process improvement initiatives that have touched nearly every facet of banking and finance operations—from retail to commercial, asset management to eCommerce—and achieved billions of dollars in cost savings and revenue generation.

Richard is a sought-after speaker on the topics of Process Design and Organizational Change, particularly in the financial services sector. His experience has shown him that the biggest differentiator for any branch, any department, and any company across that sector is efficiency. Quality and innovation are vital, but success comes down to your ability to connect your customers to your products and services quickly, consistently, and affordably.

While many consultancies like to focus on theoretical best practices, under Richard’s leadership, Alacer helps our clients achieve practical innovations: solutions that can be implemented today, but will create a solid platform for growth and continuous improvement tomorrow. He insists that Alacer consultants never settle for the status quo, but have the discipline to makes sure their solutions are optimized for the real world, not the classroom.

Richard is known for pioneering solutions that help businesses leverage technology to bridge gaps and find competitive advantages, but he knows that not every problem can be fixed with the same tool. Having seen too many “large-scale technology platforms” collect dust while waiting to be implemented, Richard advocates an approach that uses highly targeted technology solutions to support—not replace—human-centered initiatives to streamline processes and operations.

Richard believes that process improvement demands both rigor and creativity, and he continues to innovate and apply his years of hands-on expertise to help Alacer’s clients reinvent how business is done. His broad experience has shown him that every organization and every challenge is different, but that success often comes from being able to adapt to learnings from a seemingly unrelated situation to meet the unique demands of the environment you’re in.

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