Sanjay Avasthi

Senior Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Sanjay joined Alacer as a founding partner in 2009. As COO, his primary responsibility is finding exceptional talent and matching it to the right job. His intense focus, deep experience, and global network enable him to put highly specialized teams on the ground on unbelievably short timelines. He is a tireless advocate for Alacer’s people-focused business model, because he knows that talent and dedication are the only recipe for long-term success. A driven worker with a gift for coordinating complex operations, Sanjay also manages Alacer’s infrastructure. He is responsible for all back office capabilities, project/program delivery, acquisitions, and third-party partnerships.  

Professional Accomplishments

Sanjay has occupied senior management positions since his early 30s, but he is also a trained engineer and a tireless innovator. He is passionate about discovering new and better ways to use technology to refine the way we interact with front and back-end business systems. His accomplishments include designing the first check imaging real-time proprietary payment platform for the U.S. banking and card industry. He has also helped pioneer online banking and collections systems and numerous innovations in banking. His efforts have resulted in over $1 billion in cost efficiencies and new revenues.

Sanjay thrives in fast-moving, high-pressure environments.